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Hello and welcome to Build a Blog, my name is Mandy Jones, and I started Build a Blog because I want to help you to start your blog and then build your blog with simple and easy to understand steps!

Quick look at my Blogging history…

I’ll be honest with you.

Building a Blog is not easy.

I started blogging back in 2007 (it seems so long ago now!) and I knew absolutely nothing.

Back then if you wanted to start a website you had to be a Web Developer and know how to use Frontpage, if you weren’t then the only way to have a site online was a blog.

I didn’t have a clue about hosting accounts, domains or what platform you needed to create a blog, I had no technical knowledge whatsoever – so I looked for an easy option.

You only had a few options, and I looked at these four: Blogger, WordPress.org, WordPress.com or Joomla.

So I started what would become this blog on Google’s Blogger platform (think it’s now called Blogspot) , a free blog publishing service.

I quickly found it easy to use, but I could also see there were limits to what I could do with it. So I decided to move my blog over to somewhere that would give me more flexibility – to WordPress on it’s own domain and hosting. See, I was learning fast!


Very simply – Control.

Yes true, I’m a control freak what can I say!

Really, I’d caught the blogging bug with that blog on Blogger and I wanted to create something more serious and for the long haul, and that’s what I did.

I’ve now created several websites and blogs including this one and The Photographer Blog, using WordPress and Bluehost.

And it’s been plane sailing ever since…



I said at the beginning I’d be honest. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs…

I’ve written some great posts and had some great interactions, I’ve also helped and reached a lot of people.

But I’ve also had hosting issues, plugins go wrong, themes not look right, technical issues, had the site break and even managed to accidentally delete it!

I’ve had blogger block, lost traffic and even walked away from it for a while.


How I can help you



Through all of that I’m still here!

I know how it feels to struggle, to not know the answer, to not know what to do next, to be frustrated and impatient.

I’ve been there.

I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learnt a lot from them. I’ve dug around for help and information and found the answers that I needed.

You want clear, concise information that’s easy to understand and that tells you to do this, and then that, and you’re set. You don’t want to have to research and dig for hours to find the answer to your question. You just want to get your blog up and running as soon as possible.


Well I can help you with that.

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